Tales from the Hen House

It’s been awhile since I posted about my son’s chickens.  My, how they’ve grown.  They are loving the new addition to the home sweet coop that he built.  They can now go outside anytime they want.  (Which is a good thing because Tubby takes up half the coop.)

A few weeks ago my son let Tubby come in to the kitchen.  (Yes, I had a cornish rooster in my kitchen and he wasn’t there for dinner.)  He hadn’t been inside but a few seconds, as we were discussing the “fertilizer” that may or may not happen, when suddenly Tubby puffed up, and proceeded to poop on my floor.  We all burst out laughing and then I made my son clean it up.  Tubby hasn’t been inside since (well, to my knowledge anyway.)



Little Sundance becomes really jealous of Butch and Cassidy.  Every evening around dusk, Butch and Cassidy find their way up to the top of the coop to roost.  Sundance hasn’t figured out how to get up there, yet, so she chirps and chirps wanting them to come down. It’s kind of like a chicken soap opera.  Cassidy gets mad at Butch if he doesn’t go roost, so they argue (if chickens can argue.)  If Butch goes to roost, then Sundance gets mad.







Tonight, we let them run outside in the yard a little bit.  Tubby has become a protective rooster over his chickens.  Cassidy was the first chicken out and he didn’t like that.  As soon as he was let out,  he took after Cassidy and ended up with some of Cassidy’s feathers in his beak.

“Drop it, or the bird gets it!”  Just kidding.  There is a pipe laying along the fence, so the angle of the picture made it look like a barrel of a gun.  Notice the black feather in his beak?


“Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis?”


“Oh Tubby, whatever shall I do?”


“Whew!  Time for a break.”

And that concluded today’s episode of “Tales from the Hen House!”







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