My PC Caught a Cold

OK, I know this has nothing to do with the great state of Wyoming but, have you ever had a computer virus that ate everything on your computer as you watched in horror!  Happened to me today.  My computer caught a cold (more like a full blown flu!)  It was the system tool virus and it cleaned out all my files.  I was in a state of panic because most of my daily life is on this computer.  The funny thing (well, it’s funny now that all my stuff is back) is that I had an external hard drive sitting literally about 6 inches away (not being used.)  We had to use another computer to download a fix.  Thank goodness it worked thanks to my husband, the PC doctor.  (He is not a real doctor but he plays one on TV. lol)  Mal ware was purchased asap and all is right in my world!  Oh, and the external hard drive collects dust no more!

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