Four-Wheelin’ Adventure in Midwest, Wyoming

On Saturday, we went to the town of Midwest to go 4-wheelin. Midwest is a neat little town which is surrounded mainly by oil fields.  The only hiccup (aside from eating a lot of dust) was one of the 4-wheelers had a flat tire.  Thank goodness it happened later in the day and not too far away from the trailer.  I got to see some beautiful and interesting scenery.

You can see a couple of active drilling rigs here.  As I was researching a little about Midwest, I found a few interesting facts.  Back in 1870, they were the first to have an all woman jury.  Nov.19, 1925 – First night lighted football game in the United States (Midwest vs. Casper, 0 -19.)  Also, the first welded pipeline in the world in 1922.


View from the top of the rim rocks


You can see the snow-capped Big Horn Mountains in the background.


The little black specks are oil donkeys.


The gang!

This is a wheel off an old oil derrick


You can see the same wheel and the foundation from which it fell.


Rim rocks

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