Wyoming Hail Storm

Last night’s storm was of epic proportion!  Lightning, wind, inches of hail, and a torrential down pour.  I sure wish I was able to photograph the lightning and hail accumulation, but I lived in Florida long enough to know how dangerous lightning can be.  Besides, I was standing in the hallway, ready to dive in to the bathroom for safety.  With the way all the hail, rain, and wind sounded, I thought my windows were going to break. (Thankfully, they held up!)  So, I captured “morning after” photos of some minor damage around my yard.


This photo is of some left-over hail.  (Mind you, this was taken at 10:30 in the morning, several hours after the storm!)

9712 2


My decimated tomato plants. 🙁

9715 2

9723 2


Decimated flowers. 🙁

9721 2

9726 2


Never have I seen my fire pit with so much water sitting in it.

9725 2


I call this Lake Sawyer. Thinking of stocking it with trout and bass. 🙂

9729 2

Thankfully, there wasn’t too much damage.  And on the bright side, we sure did need the moisture!






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