JC Penney’s First Store

Did you know that the first JC Penney store was opened in Kemmerer, Wyoming.  James Cash Penney opened the first store in 1902 and it was called the Golden Rule store. The Golden Rule signified that Mr. Penney would treat his customers as he would like to be treated.  He was a partner in that company until the other partners sold the company to him.  In 1913, the company was incorporated under the new name JC Penney Company.  The Penney’s lived above the store and is still an operating retail store as well as a JC Penney museum.

A side note:  Sam Walton of Walmart worked for JC Penney.



2 thoughts on “JC Penney’s First Store

  1. My husband’s great grandfather had a bakery right next to the Golden Rule. We have a picture of his great grandfather shaking hands with Mr. Penny in front of their 2 stores. Pretty Cool Picture…

    Linda Ballard (owner of bakery was Joseph Acocks)

    • That is so cool! I bet Mr. Penney frequented the bakery (because that’s what I would do if I had a business next door to a bakery.) Lol!

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