Why Does the Wind Have to be so Cruel?

The weather was warm, high’s in the low 80’s, lows in the 50’s, and very little wind.  What a perfect opportunity for my seedlings to get acclimated to the outside.  Or so I thought!  I knew there was a cold front coming.  The weather man said it should start to slide through the area this evening.  Surely I would be home in time to bring my precious veggies inside before the storm front reared it’s ugly head.  Nope.  It came sooner and my poor little seedlings paid the price.  I raced home but to no avail, the wind had already done it’s damage. Hopefully, they will forgive me and try to come back to their vital, pampered selves.  I’ll keep you posted ’cause I know you probably won’t be able to sleep until you know.


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