Update on the Sheepherder Hill Fire

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the emergency personnel who worked on the Sheepherder Hill fire on Casper Mountain.  Your efforts and hard work spared numerous homes that otherwise would have burned.  Unfortunately, there were 37 homes that were destroyed.  The investigators still have not determined the cause of this massive fire that burned roughly 15, 556 acres.

A special thank you to Rusty Dunham of the Bar Nunn Fire Department!  He was stationed up at Crimson Dawn working to save that wonderful piece of history.  Congratulations to him and his team because they were able to save the museum and the buildings surrounding it.  I did a blog post about Crimson Dawn one week before the fire (talk about luck.)  You can check it out here http://www.mywyomingadventure.com/crimson-dawn/ .  Mr. Dunham shared with me a couple of great pictures while he was up there.

This is my picture that I took one week before the fire.  The next picture is one that Mr. Dunham sent me of the DC-10.


This is a picture of the DC-10 that was dropping slurry around the Crimson Dawn Area.

Photo courtesy of Rusty Dunham

Photo courtesy of Rusty Dunham

Casper Mountain is accessible again, so I was able to capture a few photos of the burn out areas.

This was just a small portion that I was able to capture.  Given the wind direction, I believe it was near where the fire may have originated.

The Bar Nunn Fire Department will be making a calendar, of the Sheepherder Hill fire, with before and after fire pictures, for a fundraiser.  I imagine there will be some great photos in this calendar.  I will keep you posted when they come available.







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