Trail Cam

My husband and I went to our property over the weekend to install the trail cam in a different location.  We soon found out that it was not going to be easy. I use the term “we” loosely.  My husband did all the heavy lifting and I just watched and took pictures (from the warm truck!)   Keep in mind that it is February in Wyoming.  Things don’t go into the ground very easy!  So “we” got the metal post mostly in the ground …and…then… “our” sledge hammer broke!  To make matters worse, “we” realized the post was in backwards. Well, my husband did because “we” were offering moral support from the truck!  The nubs needed to be on the back to hold the camera on.  It was just as difficult trying to get the post back out of the ground. So it looked, anyway! Nevertheless, “we” did succeed.  “We” put the camera back in the old location.  Should still get some great photos of the wildlife that passes by.  Keep coming back to see the new trail cam photos.  Hopefully next week, we will have a different viewpoint and maybe some different species.  We have seen some golden eagles around!

Thanks babe for all your hard work!

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