To Use Renewable Energy or Not

To use renewable energy or not.  That is the question my husband and I will have to answer soon because we are getting close to building our house.  This past Friday, we attended a local home show in our area.  (I should mention that Friday was the best day of the weekend to attend.  We were able to speak at length with some of the vendors.)  At first, I was completely in favor of using solar and wind energy to power our house.  The more information that I have received, the more yard clutter I am envisioning, as well as budget constraints!  There will be a bank of several solar panels, a wind turbine, batteries, and of course a well and septic tank.  We have heard that the well water is not very good in our area, so a filtration system will now be involved.  The vendor for the filtration system needs about $16,000 and  a 10 x 10 room to house the tank (ouch!).  I would like to do my part in conserving energy, but a couple power poles may not be so bad.  So, we still aren’t sure which way we will go.  At this point, I am liable to change my mind 5 or 6 times before making that final decision (I am a woman.  It’s my prerogative.)  Or maybe we will do a portion of each.  We are open to suggestions.


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