The Midwest Electrical Plant

A few weeks ago we went four wheeling in Midwest, Wyoming and had an opportunity to check out the old electrical plant.  I just love old architecture.  It has so much character and makes me think about what these walls would say if they could talk.  It was a shame to see the vandalism that has taken place over the last several decades.  Many of the windows have been broken by bullets and rocks and the facade had so much graffiti.  It’s too bad that this isn’t being preserved for future generations to appreciate.

The plant was built in 1924 and was the first natural gas power plant in Wyoming.  It electrified the oil field and surrounding communities until 1958.  The plant had the distinction of powering the first fully-lit football game in the country in 1925.
0189 wm

0193 wm

0202 wm

0212 wm


Here are some pictures of the architecture from the inside.

0217 wm

0220 wm

0222 wm

0223 wm

0224 wm


We ended up traveling about 73 miles that day and had a blast!

0180 wm




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