Surveying the Wyoming Wind Damage

We Wyomingites are used to the wind because it blows almost daily.  But when the wind reaches 70 to 80 mph we tend to take notice.  Mainly because stuff starts to fall apart and blow around.  Yesterday was one such day!

The dust was so thick you can’t see the mountain in the background!


A few of the shingles on our shed were lifted.


I just raked and washed these sand dunes off my grass.  Guess I will have to do it again.  (Oh well, my waistline will thank me.)


This is not exactly where I left my Adirondack chairs.


This is my dog, Jack, photo bombing my pictures.


This is my dog, Cookie.  Also photo bombing my pictures.


This is suppose to be my fire pit.  Not sure where the bowl went!?  My Adirondack chairs are suppose to be positioned around the fire pit.


As I was surveying the damage, I saw that I have some of my bulbs coming up



You can tell it’s still breezy.  Check out their ears and fur blowing around.


I couldn’t resist throwing this picture in

Jack channeling his inner Elvis!



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