Riding the Wind

It was a windy day, so we set out to our property to get rid of the tumble weeds that accumulate on the the fence lines.  It is easier when it is windy because the tumble weeds blow away.   As it turned out, it was too windy.  We could hardly walk, let alone, operate a pitch fork loaded with weeds.  Besides, we were dodging rain showers.


We put together a little video of the tumbling tumbleweed.  Imagine the adventure this little guy has had.



This is the fence line grave yard,  where the tumbleweed go to die (until we release them in to the wild.)


I  noticed that the cactus is starting to bloom.  There are a lot of cactus out here so it should look pretty when they all start blooming.


Here are some rock outcroppings.


I noticed that there was a golden eagle flying around us.  You can see him in the clouds.


You can see a cave opening here.  I don’t really want to know what’s in there (probably snakes.)


More rocks (because they rock!)


More storm clouds moving around us.


There are birds that live near the ground.  Here is one of their nests.  It had been disturbed and moved away from the cover of the sage brush.


Much needed rain over the city.


The golden eagle flying around us, again.



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