My Son, the Chicken Farmer

Apparently, my son has decided to be a chicken farmer (if you call four chickens a farm.)  It was against our better judgment.  If you saw his room you would understand why.  Anyway, so far he has shown responsibility for them.  He built a coop from recycled materials that were given to him.  It’s actually pretty sturdy and will look better once it’s painted.


Here are his chickens:


Butch is a Dark Brahma Bantam and was very hard to photograph.



Cassidy is an Australorp



Sundance is a Red Frizzle Bantam.  I call her an angel.


Wait for it…



Wait for it…




Ha, Gotcha.  You thought I was going to say Kid didn’t you?

Tubby is a Cornish.


This is what they looked like when he first got them.  They were one week old.


It’s a warm one today.  Think I might have one of these. (Or maybe three.)


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