Muddy Mountain

With the melting snow comes the much anticipated mountain road openings.  We couldn’t wait to take advantage of the nice day and take a drive up to Muddy Mountain.  It definitely didn’t disappoint.  You see a lot of red dirt on the way over to Muddy Mountain.  When you mix that with all the greenery, it’s eye candy!  It wasn’t very muddy the day we decided to visit (thank goodness.)  However, there were still a few snow drifts that were trying to hold on to winter.

Muddy Mountain has an elevation of 8,300 feet above sea level and is situated on the south side of Casper Mountain.  There are two campgrounds, Lodge pole and Rim, which combine for a total of 22 campsites.   If you plan on camping overnight, the fee is only five dollars, and the views are spectacular.  We didn’t see any wildlife this day, unless you count the bees.  (Definitely NOT my favorite animal (insect).  Sorry to all the bee lovers out there.)

Hope you enjoy the photo gallery!

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