More Tales from the Hen House

My son has created a new addition to the coop.  It’s about time the girls started laying eggs so he built a nest box for them.  (Coop still needs painted.)

He hinged the top so he can reach in and gather the future bounty of eggs.  In order to train them to use the box for their eggs, he placed three white golf balls in there.  The girls don’t really like them in there.  They are constantly trying to roll them out and around.  You can tell by the array of black feathers, there has been some sort of activity going on.


It’s a good thing Tubby can’t fit.

No Boys Allowed, Tubby!


While I was taking pictures, the hens decided they were going to go outside.  But Tubby had different plans and called them back into the coop.  You can tell those are his hens!

He has now started to crow every morning.  When my son first got him, he said that Cornish roosters don’t crow.  Boy was he mistaken!  It’s really cute, though.  I have found myself getting up at 5:30 in the morning just so I can watch him crow.  Silly, I know.  The next trick would be for me to get my son up at that time in the morning to witness it also.  I’ll keep you posted.






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