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I need a bumper sticker that says “I brake for yard sales.”  I have definitely mastered the art of the u-turn.  I am really enjoying finding diamonds in the rough and making them shine.  My newest acquisition is a wood dining set that I bought for $25.  However, I didn’t realize how time consuming refinishing a dining table set would be.  So far, I have the table and one chair done.  I am having to give my arm a break before I turn into Popeye.  When I finally finish, I will post a picture.  I, apparently, was having a blonde moment when I started because I forgot to take a “before” picture.  Hopefully I will remember for the next project.

The latest from the chicken coop:  My son and I figured out that Tubby will not crow while we are around because he doesn’t feel like his hens are being threatened.  He is used to us feeding and handling him.  Well, I finally was able to get him on camera by tricking him.  My husband was able to capture Tubby crowing on his cell phone.  We played it back again and again until he decided to crow for me.  On the video clip you can hear a faint crow.  That was enough for Tubby to take notice and crow for me.  I think the cutest part of the video is at the end when he waddles back into the coop.  What do you think?



It seems like the only storms we get now are dust storms.  Here are some pictures I captured the other day.


This mama and her babies have been hanging around the house for some time now.  Might be time to start naming them. lol.


More sunset photos.






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