Since I’m a newbie at starting a vegetable garden, I am starting out with just a few things.  I decided I wanted tomatoes for salsa and sauces.  Of course, I will also need jalapenos and parsley to go with that.  We also like carrots, sweet peas, and green beans so I went with those.


I filled my pots with soil.  Don’t they look like little hamburgers?


I then wet the soil thoroughly with warm water.  You can’t really see that but I did, I promise.


I used a pencil to make a hole in each pot.


I added a seed (or two or three) per hole.  Some of the seeds were really tiny so a few more found their way into the holes.


I covered the seeds with  the dirt and then watered again with warm water.  After that, I put the green house cover over them.  You can already see the steam generating inside the container.  Fingers crossed that this works!


I forgot to mention earlier in this post to remember which pots you put each kind of seed (blonde moment.)  You will need to know this so you can label them.