“Fighting” Erosion

In one corner, you have the Wyoming wind.  (Fighting for the right to cover my grass with sand!)  In another corner, you have me. (Fighting for the right to have grass!)  This looks to be a heavy weight battle for the ages.  Just kidding, but it does sure seem like that kind of a battle.  Erosion is a huge problem in this area because the wind blows almost daily. There is not much out here to stop the erosion but sagebrush! I spent about 3 hours with the water hose washing the sand away from what little grass mounds I do have.  I have been trying to grow grass from seed for three years now.  I wanted to use seed because I feel like will make for a stronger lawn (eventually.)  I am winning the battle though.  The more root structure I can get into the ground the less erosion I see.   I will prevail (I am just that stubborn!)


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