Fall Colors 2013

This year, I wanted to check out fall colors in a place I have never been before.  We decided to start out around the Kaycee area.  My husband was somewhat familiar with the area so, thankfully, we did not get lost.  I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t as much color on the trees as I expected.

0782 wm

0783 wm

0797 3

0800 wm

0832 wm

0833 wm

0835 wm

0837 wm


There are no fall colors in these next photos, but it was so cool to be able to see for miles and miles.

0815 wm

0822 wm

0806 wm

Depending on the weather, I hope to be able to seek out more fall color soon.  We have received quite a bit of snow so far this month and some areas are harder to get to now.








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