Compassionate Chickens?

A couple of months ago Tubby hurt one of his talons and has been quite content to let us pamper him ever since.  In other words, he has become a lazy rooster.  His favorite place to lay would be by the food dish.  Anyone who knows Tubby would not be surprised to hear this.  (He has a name to live up to, you know.)

Well, I was sitting at the dining room table when I heard a commotion coming from the chicken coop.  I ran outside to see Butch and Cassidy flying around the coop violently making horrendous chicken noises.  I ran to put my dogs up (because they look at the chickens as though they were food.  Go figure?)  I quickly knocked on my son’s bedroom window so he could come help me see what was going on.  When I opened the coop door there was Tubby, in all his glory, STUCK UPSIDE DOWN between a roost post and the coop wall.  OK, I am actually laughing right now, but at the time it was kinda serious.  Butch and Cassidy were worried.  There was something wrong with their Tubby and they wanted every being in the neighborhood to know about it.  My son was able to lift Tubby to safety and took out the roost post so this couldn’t happen again.

It took awhile for Butch and Cassidy to calm down after the commotion.  These chickens have been raised together since birth and apparently have feelings and compassion for each other.

Here they are as babies. So cute!








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