Beauty in the Clouds

The forecast was rain turning to snow (2 to 4 inches.)  I was drawn to the sky like a moth to a light.   Looking up in awe, I was inspired by the beautiful cloud formations.


Most of the time our sky is cloudless.  The song “Home on the Range” was not far off from actuality.


After the daylight slipped away beyond the horizon, I found myself complaining  about the snowfall we were expecting.  You see we had no lightning, no thunder (except my cat), not much wind, and especially, no tornadoes.  It was a light to moderate drizzle off and on all day.  I should have considered myself “lucky ” to just have snow.  Only on a few occasions do we worry about tornadoes. I know how frightening that must have been for the residents dealing with the unknown wrath of Mother Nature.  As a former resident of Florida, I dealt with those type of feelings (especially during hurricane season.)



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