Bathroom Light Fixture Redo

After the successful ceiling light redo, I decided to try my hand at the bathroom light.  I really wanted something a little more rustic, but with my expensive taste, this will have to do for now.  At least all the fixtures match. LOL!  I was able to complete four ceiling lights and this bathroom light for under $4!

*This process does involve some electrical knowledge, so, make sure you have a trained professional help with removing/reinstalling the fixture.*

Here is the before:

bathroom light fixture-5


I cleaned and lightly sanded the finish of the fixture and the little “do-dad’s” that hold it to the wall.  I also inserted foil into the light bulb area so as to not get any paint in there (I’m a sloppy painter!)

bathroom light fixture-12


I then used my food coloring concoction to “stain” the globes.  I used 2 drops of yellow food coloring and 1 drop of red on a paper towel.  I swirled it around the inside of the globe.  I had to repeat that step about 4 times to get the finish I was after.  Hint:  Use protective gloves when handling the food coloring.  I learned the hard way and had stained hands for awhile.

Here are the globes before I “stained” them.

bathroom light fixture-15


Here are the globes after:

bathroom light fixture-16


Here is the fixture reinstalled after it’s “make-over!”  I think it’s pretty neat!

bathroom light fixture-21

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