Surviving the Wyoming Wind

I classify wind two ways.  Below 50 miles per hour (which I call a breeze) or above 50 miles per hour.  Yesterday was windy!  We were watching our fence sway back and forth waiting for it to fall over at any moment.  I mention fence because that is the tallest structure we have that could potentially fall over.  All we have is sage brush and it doesn’t get tall enough to fall on power lines or houses.  On occasion you can see a random tumble weed flying by the window.  At one point, my husband’s brother asked if we were still in Wyoming or if we had blown into Nebraska yet!  Kinda like “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!”  We all should be used to the wind because it is almost a daily occurrence here.  But mainly I call that a breeze.  Anybody new here learns really quickly to only open one car door at a time or the entire contents will be blown out.  Some might say that is a quick way to give your vehicle a good cleaning.  Others would call that littering.  I prefer the one door at a time method.  Thankfully, we all survived and everything is right in our corner of paradise.


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